Call it season eleven, call it season two of the reboot, call it whatever you want, Mulder and Scully are back and this time it's very, very personal.

While response to last year's six-episode reboot of 'The X Files' turned out to be a little weaker than the hype building up to it, that doesn't seem to have stopped Fox from ploughing ahead with a further eleventh season, this time upping the episode count to ten and, if this new trailer is to be believed, refocusing the show solely around the alien threat to mankind and the overarching conspiracy from the original series which seems to have a lot to do with Mulder and Scully's "very special" son, William.

Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man also make an appearance, as does the little grey big-eyed aliens that are synonymous with the show.

'The X Files' returns for its eleventh season in 2018.