RTE2's hidden camera shows The Fear returns for its fourth season tonight which sees Irish comedians all terrorising members of the public in the guise of a variety of comedy characters, with the reactions captured by hidden camera.

The show has had some classics down the years, from Jennifer Maguire getting a knife pulled on her in a suburban housing estate to interrupting marriage proposals at Electric Picnic.

The new series features plenty more pranks and sees the return of all the show's favourite characters including Irinka The Russian Streetwalker, The Nun, Fred Cooke, Sergeant Major and Jimmy the most annoying man in Ireland.

The sketch below features Hilary Rose who, along with a team of accomplices, prank a bloke called Blayne who believes he is co-hosting a shopping show along with Hilary.

And well, we don't want to ruin it for you as this is genuinely funny stuff.

Watch below;.

The Fear returns tonight on RTE2 at 10.25pm.