Hats off to Maltesers, this week they just released one of their best ads yet. It's even up there with the classic 'Chocolate? Before the performance?' one of the early nineties, and we didn't think anything could beat that.

The ad aired this week as part of Channel 4's Paralympic coverage and sees a disabled person with cerebral palsy, played by Storme Toolis, chatting and laughing with her friends about some shenanigans she got up to with her boyfriend the night before.

The post-watershed ad has quite the filthy punchline, which viewers have loved, with one YouTuber saying; "Love this ad. Please continue to feature more diversity in your advertising from now on. It's so simple to do and really makes a huge difference."

While another person tweeted; "That #maltesers advert during the #Paralympics was so good! We need more representation for people of all abilities. And jokes!"

Watch it here;