It won't be long now until Doctor Who returns to our TV screens, but it would appear that the BBC just can't resist teasing us about the mystery behind his new assistant, Clara Oswald. They've released a brand new prequel to the upcoming Bells of Saint John, just a week before it premieres, and it's certainly going to have fans scratching their heads.

The Doctor has returned to earth to search for the mysterious young lady, who he just can't seem to forget. While he's waiting, he heads off to a playground to have a go on the swings, as you do, and ends up chatting with a lovely little girl, who gives him some solid advice. Is there more to her than meets the eye?

Is it just us, or is this all a bit Amy Pond? If you're a fan of The Doctor, you'll know what we're on about, and if you're not, maybe this little teaser will tempt you to watch the show when it returns on March 30th.

Speaking of its return, you can have a peek at the trailer for 'The Bells of Saint John' just below. Looks like the brand new episode will be just as action packed as the ones before it!

We still can't believe this series could be Matt Smith's last, and we're hoping the rumours about his departure turn out to be false. Guess we'll have to just wait and see, but at least there's a few episodes and a 50th Anniversary Special to look forward to anyway, eh?