If you're not familiar with The Valleys, MTV's Welsh themed answer to Jersey and Geordie Shore, then it might be best to stay that way. Y'see, while Jersey Shore was mildly entertaining (GTL anyone?), and Geordie Shore even managed the odd charming moment, for me, The Valleys (which follows a group of youngsters from the Welsh valleys as they seek out fame and fortune in Cardiff) is just pure tripe.

Anyway, in a bid to nab themselves a wee bit of attention, the cast of the upcoming second series of the reality tv show have sent out this little video, explaining that they're sorry they'll be doing so many bold things on your telly rather soon. We wouldn't be watching this one with the kiddies. Oh hi there Lateysha, Liam, Carley, Leeroy, Nicole, Jenna, Chidgey, Jason and Anthony: It's a pity you haven't an Irish mammy between you. She'd have you all back in your boxes in 0.5 seconds...

We're not the only ones who don't exactly hold the show in the highest esteem y'know. Local groups in Wales have been up in arms ever since MTV came to town in the first place, and are demanding that a portion of the show's profits are donated to kids in the local area. "We realised that the money made from Geordie Shore helped MTV's owners Viacom make huge profits last year, but the local area saw hardly any of this cash" a representative for The Valleys Are Here said. "So we think it's about time MTV showed areas like Newcastle and the Valleys some respect."

We doubt they'll be pulling the plug on the show any time soon though. Believe it or not, The Valleys is MTV's second highest ratings franchise in its UK history. If that doesn't call for a facepalm, I seriously don't know what does. Where's Nikita from Tallafornia when you need her?

And if, unlike us, you love The Valleys, you'll be delighted to know that the show returns for a second series on Tuesday, April 30th at 10pm.