Far and away, Barry Keoghan made for one of the most entertaining guests in this current run of the Late Late Show, happily discussing his foster home upbringing right through to Nicole Kidman kissing his feet during The Killing Of A Sacred Deer.

On the topic of his Sacred Deer co-star Colin Farrell, Keoghan spoke about the relationship he and Farrell have. "They don't give advice, the good ones. You watch and learn, how they talk to everyone, how they thank everyone on set when they leave, how to be human," explained Keoghan.

"He kept me on track, he's been good to me." N'awww. Hollywood studio executives, if you're reading this, please put Barry Keoghan and Colin Farrell together for a Butch Cassidy / Sundance Kid-type action-comedy because the people demand it and we all need it as a nation.