This week marks the 20th anniversary of Windows 95, the ground-breaking system from Microsoft that made computers a hell of a lot more accessible to us mere mortals.

The software was accompanied by an extensive marketing campaign back in 1995, that somehow managed to recruit two of television biggest stars of the time to do their video guide, and it is ALL OF THE CRINGE.

Set up as the first 'cyber sitcom', the pair head along to see Microsoft's Bill Gates to get a tutorial of Windows, but even he had enough integrity not to show up and it's his sitcom 'secretary' that gives the tour..

The hour-long video (yes, ONE HOUR) sees the pair navigate their way through Windows 95 discovering all sorts of exciting features, like faxing menus to restaurants and the sheer wonder of the right-click button. Simpler time folks, simpler times.

You probably won't be able to sit through all of it, but enjoy as much as you can of the cringe-fest below;