Just when you thought everyone who could speak out about Steven Avery had spoken, old Kratzy comes out of the woodwork once again.

Throughout the phenomenon that is 'Making A Murderer', no one's really been on former Wisconsin District Attorney Ken Kratz's side (which some would blame on the people behind the 10-part documentary and their bias towards thinking Avery innocent) so it's not surprising that he's laid relatively low since the world took up arms in calling for justice for Avery. Who wants to stick their head above ground when people want to mount it on a stick?

Understandably, Kratz was reluctant when Gothamist approached him for an interview but after much persistance, they managed to get him in a room on camera with comedian Jena Friedman who discusses, amongst other things, the series itself, his sexting scandal and astrology. There's even a Ouija board.

Not your standard interview, but definitely one that 'Making A Murderer' viewers will want to see.

We Sat Down With Ken Kratz of Making A Murderer by Gothamist

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