Oh God. We didn't realise we missed Stephen Colbert so much until we were laughing so hard we snorted coffee everywhere.

Now Colbert looks slightly different from the last time we saw him, having clearly used his downtime between finishing 'The Colbert Report' and waiting for David Letterman to finish up on 'The Late Show'  so he could take over to grow a tremendous beard that makes him look like a presidential lumberjack, but don't worry, it hasn't gone unnoticed by Stephen. Hence his decision to go a bit more "cognito" and find a new look for the soon to debut 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'.

'The Colbeard' is everything we didn't know we wanted and more. We think that the late night chat show's going to be very safe in his hands. Fallon, Kimmel, set those boots to quake.

Via YouTube