As we reported yesterday - and have been reporting pretty much since he came into the political spectrum last year - Donald Trump is a dumbass.

On Thursday, the Grand High Cheeto of America quoted a proverb - which wasn't a proverb, but a poem - from a Nigerian poet in the middle of his speech about Ireland and being surrounded by his "Irish friends", who then later made a pointed speech about embracing immigrants as part of the fabric of America.

The best part of all this? The guy who wrote Trump's "Irish proverb" is actually a Nigerian Muslim.

Last night, of course, pretty much of all the late night shows commented on it, but it was Stephen Colbert who called out Trump for, yet again, making up shit. In fact, they even when a step further and came up with Donald Trump's Bigly Irish Sayings, a collection of Donald Trump's favourite Irish sayings and proverbs which aren't Irish or sayings or proverbs at all.

Take a look.



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