The unending saga between Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell continues. The pair met on Celebrity Big Brother in January 2016 and proceeded to have an on again-off again relationship for the following few months, with Stephanie ultimately announcing she was pregnant.

However Irish model Jeremy initially didn't acknowledge he was the father which then led to an interview on This Morning where he did a DNA test on live TV. The drama of it all.

A few weeks later, the pair were photographed together with their son Caben and it looked like all was well once more.

That is still the case, with Stephanie going on This Morning today to chat to Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby exclusively about Jeremy's drug addiction, which he is now seeking rehabilitation for and she is supporting him through.

However, while there, Stephanie called Philip out on some comments he made to Jeremy in the DNA test interview, where he had said he had seen the initial contract that Stephanie had wanted Jeremy to sign and while he couldn't disclose any of the terms, he said that it was not 'fair' and that he wouldn't have signed himself.

Stephanie told him: "I thought you were a bit biased with what happened in that interview."

Addressing both Philip and Holly then she said: "There was a certain element that you know what it's like to be a mum and I didn't feel there was anyone sticking up for me."

She added: "I'd just had a newborn baby. I had the worst pregnancy in the world and my son was in the special care unit."

Stephanie then admitted that she didn't read over the contract herself, and when Philip said: "So you think it was harsh?" Stephanie replied: "Yeah, no person would sign that and I know that now, but at the time I was so angry because, from my point of view, I carried a baby alone for nine months, and I felt like, there he was demanding it at the time.

"Now we spoke I understand he wanted to be a great father to Caben but for me I wanted to keep Caben out of that. I knew Jeremy was the father and didn't want Caben growing up thinking his dad didn't think he was his, and for the whole public to know."

But all's well that ends well, and the pair have resolved their differences since. Here's hoping it stays that way... for all our sakes.

Watch the interview below: