It's adorable and profane, which just makes it all the more funny.

Down through its 20 seasons, 'South Park' has had many different staff members use their children to voice Kyle's little brother Ike and the latest episode of the show featured creator Trey Parker's own daughter in the role, and Parker shared some behind-the-scenes footage showing just how the scenes were recorded on Instagram. 


Here she comesâÂ?¤ï¸Â?. #BettyBoogieParker #TreyParker #BoogieParker #Southpark #Ike

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See? Adorable.

And if you want to see how it played out in the edit, you can watch below. Fair warning, this cut is uncensored and definitely NSFW.


Oh Jeez #BettyBoogieParker #TreyParker #BoogieParker #southpark

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