Yes, his sandwich. HIS. SANDWICH.

Ross Geller will probably be remembered most for two things as time passes and memory fades. One will be the amount of times he married and divorced. The other will be his meltdown over someone else eating his special sandwich made from the leftovers of Monica's Thanksgiving feast.

Well now you too can make your own.

Say hello to the real life 'Moist Maker', courtesy of chef Andrew Rea and to say there's a lot of assembly required is a massive understatement.

The prerequisite for making this sandwich, one would presume, is that you have had a festive turkey dinner and have all the parts lying around, but Rea goes all in here and basically shows us how to make all the pieces of the delicious puzzle before putting them together.

The end result, however, is stunning. We never thought you could describe a sandwich as 'handsome' but we would. We very much would.

As for having the meltdown, that might just happen while you're going to all the effort to make this, so maybe proceed with caution.

Otherwise, sandwich delis of Ireland, please up your game and make this available. ASAP.