And, boy, did Today's Matt Lauer get a surprise. Rookie mistake. I mean, considering Jeremy Piven dispensed the following tweet before "Ari Gold dispensed life lessons in his new book" you'd think they'd at least have a time delay and a some form of bleep machine on hand...

Obviously we're glad they didn't, for Ari's description of Charlie Sheen is - well - gold.

As for whether The Gold Standard is a real book or not, it appears to be available for purchase for $24.00 via Hachette Books. Under 'further details, it says: "Ari Gold, after years of dominating the Hollywood agency scene, finally offers invaluable tips and advice on how to be as successful in work and in life as Gold himself... Ari Gold says: 'In my humble opinion, if you want to run a successful business this is the only book you'll ever have to read. And my humble opinion is never wrong'."

You'll be pleased to hear it's also reportedly available as an audiobook.

Via Uproxx.