As we eagerly await any kind of news, footage or trailer for Stranger Things' second season, it's good to know SNL is looking out for us.

As well as expertly skewering Donald Trump's non-apology apology, last night's SNL also really got to the core of Stranger Things and a few of the, well, strange things that went on in the show. For example, how come nobody's parents seemed to mind that they were out late at night all the time?

Sure, it was the '80s - or at least a highly fictionalised version of the '80s - but some of it just didn't make any sense. Thankfully, Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame and the cast of SNL, including the always brilliant Kate McKinnon as Eleven, were on hand to clear up a few things.

Take a look.

As well as being a great sketch, it's also great inspiration for Hallowe'en costumes as well. All you need for Dustin is a blue jacket, a trucker hat and frizzy hair and you're good to go.

Same goes with Eleven, all you need to do is shave your head / wear a blonde wig and a pink '80s dress and you're away in a hack. You can even put the fake blood on the nose for extra effect.


Via YouTube