At this stage, SNL knows it has Donald Trump as an avid watcher because America's future President can't help but watch the show on a weekly basis - like the rest of us.

This week sees Alec Baldwin return as the dumbass-in-chief, where he's visited by his old friend, Vladimir Putin. Before long, ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson - played by an almost unrecognisable John Goodman - shows up and then it doesn't get funny, so much as it gets absolutely terrifying because it's probably all true.

As of writing, Trump hasn't responded to the sketch but we're guessing his people have locked his phone behind a wall of concrete that he's now headbutting his way through to get at.

Is the sketch funny? To be honest - no - but it's become probably the most accurate window in Trump's mindset. Alec Baldwin really does have his mannerisms down, but the President-elect is so one-dimensional that all the writers have to do is follow his Twitter account to get a read on his thinking.

Take a look and see for yourself.