There are some times when jokes so far over people's heads that it becomes, well, a joke.

Case in point is President-elect Donald Trump's incessant tweeting in the late hours of the night, often about whatever pops into his mind, and his retweeting of - in one case that actually did happen - a sixteen year-old kid called Seth who wanted to make America great again. The child couldn't even vote and the President-elect retweeted him.

So, SNL decided to take a good, firm swipe at this absolute insanity and drafted in Alec Baldwin's pitch-perfect impression of Trump and Kate McKinnon's so-so impression of Trump henchwoman Kellyannne Conway for a sketch about it.

Here's the sketch. It's not bad, but not on par with the ones during the Election.

So what happens afterwards? Did you say Donald Trump tweeted about it? That's right, you win!

Yes, the real-life, actual Donald Trump used a public forum to complain about a satirical comedy show making fun of him. He used Twitter to say that the whole show was "totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation can't get any worse. Sad!"

That man is going to be in charge of nuclear codes in a couple of weeks.

Nobody's laughing anymore.