SNL returned to US screens last night and, by all accounts, the gloves well and truly came off.

US President Donald Trump has made it a weekly event of tweeting about SNL making fun of him, so it seems this week they are making point of really pi**ing him off. It literally started at the Cold Open, with Alec Baldwin's now-infamous Donald Trump sketch taking on the botched phonecall with Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister.

After that, it was on to the monologue with Kristen Stewart addressing those tweets that Trump made about her and Robert Pattinson's relationship a few years ago.

Stewart, a little bit nervous, went on to say that it was clear Trump was in love with Pattinson and probably hates her now even more, because she's "super gay", in her own words.

Later on in the show, Melissa McCarthy made a triumphant return to SNL as Trump's Press Secretary Sean Spicer with - in our opinion - one of the best political sketches on Trump's administration. They even got the ill-fitting suit and general angriness of Spicer down to a tee.

Take a look.

That's three of the main sketches of the show devoted to getting on Trump's wick - and you also had Weekend Update in there as well. It's brave stuff, considering the guy has access to nuclear weapons now. So, we sit and wait for Donald Trump to take the bait. We might be heading towards the Apocalypse, but at least we're getting some half-decent comedy out of it.

We'll update when he tweets. Note we said when. Because he is going to tweet about this.


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