As the US Election finally draws to a close on Tuesday, one of the big highlights - if you can call it that - of the cycle has been SNL's coverage and weekly cold opens featuring Alec Baldwin as Trump and Kate McKinnon as Clinton.

This week, as you probably know, saw the FBI make a vague announcement via their Twitter about reopening their investigation into Clinton's e-mails whilst the KKK - yes, the actual Knights of the Ku Klux Klan - endorsed Donald Trump for President.

This week's SNL cold open took in all of this and, in the final part, went a little bit off script and finished with a pretty rousing message.

Take a look.

Good song choice, too.

Whatever happens after Tuesday, it's clear that US politics isn't going to be the same again and SNL's sharp satire of the whole thing definitely played a part in the election.


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