So, the supreme overlord of reality TV has another trick up his sleeve. Yup, Simon Cowell's launching another form of talent search and this time he's teaming up with YouTube to do it. Because we all remember how well that worked out on America's Got Talent...

They're bigging up YouGeneration as an online talent show for musicians, photographers, make-up artists and people with 'unconventional and original talents'. So, we're guessing this is one of those 'oh the X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and The Voice are too commercial, this time it's all about the talent' style so-called alternatives.

Anyway, the competition's going to last for an entire year (no escape in other words) and it's kicking off on March 20th. They're going to show it in 26 countries, in 15 different languages. Don't expect to see Simon or Cheryl judging from behind a desk though - all the audtions will be uploaded to YouTube and some anonymous Syco executives will be looking after all that.

Still no word on what they win, but apparently there'll be something new up for grabs every fortnight and a grand prize winner at the end of the year. Catch the, errr, edgy promo for the show below.