Ever watched Sherlock and thought, how great would it be if they just burst into song? No, us neither, but two YouTube stars called AVbyte have, and it's pretty dam good!

The finale of the latest series of Sherlock aired here last Sunday, and brought its usual amount of twists and turns. The theme of the entire series though, really seemed to be the wonderful bromance between Sherlock and John, and this song encapsulates their guy love perfectly.

The start of the series saw Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) coming back from the dead, much to the delight and indeed anger of his trustee sidekick John (Martin Freeman). The song plays on this with John singing: 'You couldn't have dropped a line or two?'. With Sherlock later singing back, 'Trust me, I think that I complete you!'

Yeah... we're not doing it justice. You will need to see for yourself!