Shaquille O'Neal made his late night hosting debut as he stepped in for Jimmy Kimmel last night and Kimmel would want to watch his back because now he has Kristen Bell and Shaq to worry about coming for his job.

After opening the show with some tame puns, Shaq went in on a local news channel that blamed a downed plane on one of his free throws which offered up the perfect opportunity for a response. He also got to announce this year's now-annual YouTube challenge, 'I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy', which it will be down to Channing Tatum on Wednesday or Jennifer Lawrence on Thursday to reveal to the world.

And when it came to the interviewing portion of the show, O'Neal proved he was even more capable of holding down the fort. Mila Kunis was his first guest and was game for everything, talking about taking her daughter trick-or-treating, their Halloween costumes, her new movie 'A Bad Moms Christmas', before Shaq surprised her with an embarrassing old clip.