We have to hand it to them, Celebrity Big Brother are coming up with the goods this week. The other day we had that 'comedy of errors' when Tiffany Pollard mistakenly thought Angie Bowie was saying fellow housemate David Gest was dead, and last night there was some end of the world meltdown by ex-on-the-beach star Megan McKenna.

It all kicked off when McKenna was having a conversation with former EastEnders star John Partridge over the cleanliness of the house. Suddenly Megan went off on one and was screaming the house down, turning on Tiffany Pollard calling her a "ghetto c***", with viewers then taking to social media to accuse McKenna of racism.

Megan was called to the diary room where the rant continued as she knocked the Big Brother camera, leading to security coming in to calm the 23-year-old down, who had admitted earlier in the evening that she was p***ed as a fart'.

A spokesperson from the show told MailOnline: 'Megan has received a formal warning from Big Brother for unacceptable behaviour. This will be seen in Friday night's episode.'