As you may already know, Saoirse Ronan struck up a friendship with Ed Sheeran when she appeared in the video for his song 'Galway Girl'.

You may also know that the Lady Bird actress commemorated the shoot by designing the deliberately-misspelled 'Galway Grill' tattoo that Sheeran now proudly wears on his arm (below).

Ronan discussed her friendship with Sheeran, his popularity in Ireland and that infamous tattoo on Graham Norton the other night - saying that she was "very nervous" about the tattoo and practiced writing the phrase "for about half an hour."

"It wasn't my idea to do the bad spelling," she said. "The tour manager in Dublin - we'd had a few drinks at the show - was going past and said 'You know what'd be gas? If you misspelled the word 'girl' and tattooed something else on him...'

Watch it below now: