First things first: let's take a moment to appreciate that Sandra Bullock is 53. Fifty-three years old, and she could easily pass for someone in their thirties.

Apart from the conspiracy theories about making some sort of Speed-related 'eternal youth' pact with Keanu Reeves or something about bathing in the blood of orphans or simply having a portrait in the attic, we can assume that the actress's eternally youthful demeanour is simply down to good genes.

Now, that may well be the case - but as she revealed on The Ellen Show, she also has a beauty secret that keeps her looking young: babies' foreskin.

Yes, that's right: Sandra Bullock gets facial beauty treatments involving microneedling, which injects a serum extracted from the foreskin of Korean babies. Indeed, it's also known as the 'Penis Facial' (quiet at the back, there) costs $650 a pop, and other Hollywood stars like Cate Blanchett are said to swear by it.

Us? We'll take the wrinkles, ta.

Watch it below: