Although we might know Salma Hayek better from Desperado, 30 Rock or being one of the most beautiful women in the world, she's also a huge pet lover.

At one point, Hayek admitted to having over THIRTY pets, including cats, dogs, alpacas, parrots - you name it, Salma Hayek had rescued them and kept them. What a woman. Of course, for those who are around pet lovers, they'll know that it can get tiresome.

As Hayek explains to Graham Norton, she had to go to extreme lengths to explain how she ended up with another dog. Basically, she came up with the idea of "cheating" on her husband.

As you do. We'll let her explain.

Look, when it comes right down, this all makes sense. Because, let's face it, you need to come up with an excuse that'll get you out of it and softening the blow sounds like the logical thing to do.

For real though, Salma Hayek needs to do a nature show ala Steve Irwin where it's just her and her animals walking around, getting into scrapes and the likes. 

We'd watch it and so would you.


Via YouTube