We knew it for some time, but it was confirmed last night - there remains no party like an S Club Party.

Isn't it weird, also, that we still don't know what the S in S Club 7 stands for? If you know, answers on a postcard, please.

So, what with it being Children In Need Night across the Beeb, various variety acts and whatnot were trotted out.

Chief amongst them was the long-awaited S Club 7 reunion. Would Rachel Stevens' uber-successful solo career be an issue for everyone? Would we still remember the lyrics / dance routines?

It was a fraught moment when Wogan announced them, but sure enough, we lived through it.



Look, you might roll your eyes and say it's just a lead-in to announce their comeback tour or something, but they did this for a charity and (most likely) didn't get a single sausage for their time.

Sure, it's cringey as hell and Bradley was TOTALLY off-key at the start, but it's for Children In Need. We can't slag it too hard and not feel awful about it.