You can always tell if a double-act are being forced, much like Ant & Dec. That's forced.

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, however, are anything but forced. You can see they actually get on and the press tour for The Nice Guys - which included a stop-off at last night's Graham Norton - has honestly been a delight.

Crowe told a story about Michael Jackson prank-calling him, despite the fact that they never once met whilst Ryan Gosling talked about a time he licked a hairy man's belly during a Turkish massage.

All sounds logical, to be quite honest. As well as Gosling and Crowe: Partners-In-Law, you also had a somewhat laidback Jodie Foster and Greg Davies - better known as Mr. Gilbert from The Inbetweeners - on, who told a genuinely unbelievable, Naked Gun-inspired story about a hearing aid, his mother's underwear and Jackson Pollock.

You'd think those things could never be connected and then you see this.



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