There's always certain ways you can tell a TV show is becoming a part of the mainstream.

In some cases, it can be politicians referencing it in government proceedings, it can be parodies from other TV shows, or it can be that annoying clown in work who keeps making jokes from it. In other cases, it can turn up in sporting shows - just like The Sunday Game on RTE.

Yes, the flagship GAA show made reference to It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia earlier today when it ran a segment called It's Always Sunny In Wexford - complete with graphics and the theme music. The interview, conducted by Marty Morrissey, was with Wexford's senior hurling manager, Davy Fitzgerald.

Granted, Fitzgerald didn't talk about building mass, jabronis, Bird Law, or milk steak - because that'd be just too weird to handle.

Take a look.


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