With the end of the World Cup last night came another bittersweet event, as veteran RTÉ sports broadcaster and commentator Bill O'Herlihy signed off for the last time.

And with his sign off came an emotional tribute to O'Herlihy from the state broadcaster, featuring famous sports personalities and others doffing their caps to the man who spent 49 years letting us know what the state of play was. And now we have an extended adieu from RTÉ Sport in a montage with a title you could use for no one else but Bill. 'We'll Leave It There So' perfectly encapsulates what made the legend that is O'Herlihy, and we couldn't think of a better farewell.

Fair warning, there's some unexpected Enda in this which can be a bit upsetting before/during breakfast. And it's a tad emosh for a Monday, but it's worth it.