While it wasn't one of the most star-studded couches they've had, last night's Graham Norton did feature an insight into the mind of Dame Judi Dench via Rosamund Pike's great storytelling.

As she told Graham Norton and the couch of Chris Martin and Michael McIntyre, Pike received a letter from a fan who "made kitchens", which seemed to fascinate Dench for some reason. After a quick bit of Facebook creeping and the like, Dame Judi Dench convinced Pike to go on a blind date with him.

Let's play this back for a minute - Rosamund Pike receives a fan letter, Dame Judi Dench reads it and helps her Google the guy, she then convinces her to go on a date with him and... well, watch the clip and find out.


There has to be some reason why Theresa Lowe never responded to our love letter. It didn't get to her, that was it. If you don't know who Theresa Lowe is, ask your parents or use Google.

*hums Where In The World theme tune*