It's weird; this is what the Late Late Show could be like if they had interesting guests every week.

Ryan Tubridy's nervous energy actually working in his favour, the audience in the studio are interested, people at home are excited, the guest themselves are funny and entertaining - it's weird. Very, very weird.

As you know, Robbie Williams formerly of the Take That parish was in Dublin to promote and announce his summer concert in Aviva and was did a media blitz on the entire country - which obviously included a slot on the Late Late Show.

Williams charged onto the set and pretty much set the tone for the entire segment, diving into the crowd and leading the audience in a few rounds of Joe Dolan's seminal hit, Such A Good-Looking Woman.

Right after that, Tubridy skilfully went into a segment about Williams' connection to the best thing come out of Mullingar since the road to Dublin, specifically bringing up an anecdote about Williams' father and Dolan in the '70s.

Really, who knew it could be like this?

You'd have to wonder why Robbie Williams hasn't considered fronting his own late night chat show because, between this and his slot of Graham Norton, he's usually the most interesting guest on either show.

Remember that handjob story he told on Norton? That was one of the funniest bits the show's had since they started back.

Robbie Williams - making late night chat shows great again.


Via YouTube