Last night former footballer Rio Ferdinand picked up a well-deserved BAFTA for his documentary Being Mum and Dad which followed his grief after the death of his wife a year ago from cancer.

Rio and 34-year-old Rebecca had three children together and the documentary follows his struggle to parent them on his own following her death. He meets other families who have suffered a similar loss and gives a raw, honest account of his grief.

Speaking as he accepted the award, Rio tearfully said: "It’s been quite a whirlwind experience, I didn’t do this for any other reason than my kids. I get quite emotional now. It’s allowed me to show vulnerability, which people aren’t used to. As a sportsman you’re built up to be an indestructible sportsman."

Going on to say: "This has truly been worthwhile because it’s given people a voice. That documentary was like a snapshot of that time of sadness, and it has played a part in propelling me forward into a period of happiness. my kids are happy, I have a beautiful girlfriend and we’re making steps in the right direction."

His stirring speech had most of the audience in tears, along with many viewers at home too no doubt.

Watch below:

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