Ah lads. Anyone else feel like we just cancel The Saturday Night Show and make Republic of Telly a daily thing? Because these guys are knocking it out of the park of late.

First up last night we had an excellent parody of '12 Years A Slave' courtesy of the Job Bridge Scheme that was actually so close to the bone that we gained a lot of respect for the Republic of Telly gang for going there. Also Bernard's Fassbender? Priceless.

Then secondly we had an '80s/'90s kid's wet dream in the form of a Michael Jackson 'Bad'-style battle in a multi-storey car park to the tune of old cartoon intros. Special shoutout to 'hashtag bring back Delamere' and the Marry/Ride/Kill intro. If we were going to be in a dance battle, we definitely want Maguire on our side.

Via YouTube