If you're under 25, you might not remember a TV show called Podge & Rodge that used to be on RTE.

Simply put, it was two puppets and Lucy Kennedy interviewing whoever happened to stop by the studio and, sure enough, there was a musical act as well. Donna and Joe were two singers from Westmeath who had qualified for the Eurovision after winning the You're A Star competition, which was how we decided who went to the Eurovision in the olden times.

Anyway, Donna and Joe appeared on Podge & Rodge's show, got a bit of a slagging from them because it was that kinda show. What happened next went down in the history books of Irish television. The two puppets, Podge & Rodge now, turned to the camera and said something along the lines of, "These are sh**, let's go to an ad-break", and then ACTUALLY WENT TO AN AD-BREAK DURING THEIR SONG.

It was pretty horrendous / hilarious, depending on how you looked at it. Anyway, it became infamous and the two singers were naturally embarrassed about the whole thing.

Anyway, reason we're bringing this up is because one of them was on X-Factor last night.

Joe, who's now 27, appeared on X-Factor and, by all accounts, did very well with the judges and managed to make it through to the bootcamp stages. This isn't his first time on X-Factor, however, having made it to bootcamp in 2012.

He's also not going by the name Joe from Donna and Joe anymore, as he's trotting out Joseph McCaul as his stage name. So there's that, as well. Maybe he's trying to shed the whole teeny-bopper image? Who knows.


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