We don't blame her.

Big Little Lies season two kicks off filming next week but rehearsals and table reads have already begun. As was announced at the end of January, Meryl Streep has joined the cast and Reese Witherspoon still can't quite believe it.

Chatting to Stephen Colbert last night she said: "It's amazing. We had rehearsals last week and I was like, I cannot believe I am sitting across from Meryl Streep and I'm saying human words to her and she's saying human words back to me".

Streep joins the cast in season two as Perry's (Alexander Skarsgard's) mother who arrives in Monterey looking for answers over her son's death.

Watch Reese chatting about her role below:

The rest of the interview is also worth a watch as it sees Reese chatting about her role in the Times Up movement and working with Oprah.