We are known as the island of saints and scholars and now we can add a world renowned genius into the mix too. For those of you who don't know of him (we didn't until five minutes ago), Walter O'Brien is a Wexford born certified genius, this dude is smarter than Einstein was. Yep, Einstein. At just thirteen, Walter was hacking into Nasa's computers while the rest of us were still trying to get Mario through the Mushroom Kingdom.

39-year old Walter grew up near Enniscorthy in the model county before moving to Co. Kilkenny and then across the pond to America. When there, he set up Scorpion Computer Services, specialising in international security, and was instrumental in tracking down the Boston bombers back in 2013. He is currently considered the fourth most intelligent person in the world with an IQ of 197 (Einstein had 165).

Walter currently employs over 2,000 geniuses to work on some of the most high stake problems in the world, it really is the stuff of TV shows so it's no wonder that CBS has decided to make it into one. The show entitled Scorpion will premiere shortly on the network and considering its Irish roots will undoubtedly get an airing here too. Walter is heavily involved in the series too, assisting in the casting process and providing creative guidance to its star and the actor playing him, Elyes Gabel

Check out the pretty awesome looking trailer below!