Jen Kirkman had such a bad experience in Dublin in 2014 that she's still talking about it.

Does the name ring a bell? It should, because we were all over the event when it went down. A brief recap: Kirkman does Vodafone Comedy Festival gig, admittedly 'bombs', goes on drunk Twitter rant and calls us all a pile of 'c*nts'. Charming really.

Well last night we finally got to hear Kirkman's side of the story on 'Conan', which makes the idea of performing comedy anywhere in Ireland a horrible one (although she doesn't exactly win us over with her excuses for her rant - unless the audience were really that bad).

And we're 99% sure that being 'The TMZ of Ireland' isn't a compliment (we're definitely not taking it as one).

Still, if our mammies taught us anything it's that you be polite to guests no matter how rude they are and bitch about them once they're gone.