It's only a matter of weeks now until we will have all of season three of Orange is the New Black to binge on to our heart's content, and we cannot wait. So far, we know the new season will see the full time return of Laura Prepon aka Alex Vause, as well as a few more new inmates set to rock the boat.

One such lady is actress Lori Petty, who we briefly seen in the opening episode of season two, when she was on the plane with Piper. Her character, called Lolly, arrived into Chicago Detention Centre along with Piper, although things didn't accidentally end well between them as Piper didn't have her back in a fight there. But come on, that place was terrifying.

Lolly is set to arrive as a permanent resident to Litchfield prison this season, and we'd imagine she might have a bone or two to pick with Piper. Check out the new promo clip of her below:

Lori Petty look familiar? That's because she was in ALL your favourite nineties movies.

Free Willy anyone?

A League of Their Own?

Point Break?

And... Tank Girl!

You can catch season 3 of Orange is the New Black on Netflix on June 12