We all know Piers Morgan is not the most popular fella, even more so these days as it's recently emerged his American talk show is coming to an end. It's all wrapping up for Piers Morgan Live over the next few weeks, but there's still time to have a few more guests on, and his most recent one, certainly caused a stir.

E! presenter Chelsea Lately was on for a chat with the British presenter, and she certainly didn't hold back with him. Chelsea has most recently made headlines for her controversial tweets during the Oscars, which Piers chatted to her about. The presenter had an answer for everything though, and called Piers out on his tweeting during the commercial break. He cheekily said, 'Well you just weren't keeping my attention', to which she snappingly replied; 'Well, this is your show, you have to pay attention to the guest you invited on your show', followed by 'Well, maybe that is why your job is coming to an end'. OUCH!

When he then later asks her did she have any moments in life she would like to go back and repeat, she said, 'It would be spending this hour differently'.


Watch below: