Ron Swanson is the epitome of all that is man.

So when he tells you he's making wooden emojis, you better sit up straight and listen.

So anyways, actor-and-actual woodworker Nick Offerman turned up Conan the other day to sell his new line of handcrafted, solid wood Emojis.

We know nothing about woodwork since we failed it in the Junior Cert, so we can't honestly vouch for their quality.

Then again, it's Ron Swanson. He wouldn't lie. The only thing he hates more than lying is skimmed milk. Which is water pretending to be milk.



If these were actually a real thing, we'd buy one. Think of the amount of times you've said to yourself, "Wow, I totally need a wooden, handcrafted poo emoji that's made by a television actor."

This thing literally pays for itself.