Netflix's House of Cards released all of season three to the masses last week, and we're sure at this stage some of you have guzzled it all down and are already looking for another Underwood hit.

Well we can't give you that exactly but we do have an interview or two from when I recently chatted to the actors who play these formidable characters on the hit show.

First up, there was the acting giants that are Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright who of course play Frank and Claire Underwood in the series, roles that have earned them both a Golden Globe.

They are a grand pair... although definitely aware of their status in the Hollywood elite, but then they are the same people behind iconic characters like Kaiser Soze and Jeennnnnny of Forrest Gump. They also seemed to think I was some sort of Nancy Drew spoiler detective, which couldn't be further from the truth but who's going to disagree with Frank and Claire Underwood?

Michael Kelly then, who plays fan favourite Doug Stamper, was just as charming as they come. Unlike his character, he was full of smiles and chatted about his Irish roots and plans to visit our island. He would also like an Aran jumper it seems, so it might be time to dust off those knitting needles Stamper fans!

You can watch the interviews along with some season three clips below...