If you are watching Netflix's Orange is the New Black you will know just how amazing a character Crazy Eyes is; if she's not trying to seduce Piper with her little 'chocolate and vanilllllla' dance then she's peeing on her floor. The character is played by the majorly talented Uzo Aduba but did you know this wasn't the first part she went for on the show?

Nope, Uzo tried her hand at all of the characters before clinching the role of Crazy Eyes. Well at least according to this hilarious Funny Or Die video, and those folks wouldn't lie... would they?

Okay, okay, it's obviously a sketch but if you are a fan of the show you will LOVE Uzo's interpretation of all the inmates of Litchfield prison, our faves have to be her versions of Piper and Pennsatucky.

Do yourself a favour and take a look...