Well! There was certainly drama on RTE last night for one Operation Transformation leader! Wexford woman Eilish failed to meet her target this week, and Dr Ciara Kelly had some choice words for her.

In fairness though, it was because Eilish (47) decided to go out for a bit of a session at the weekend, for eleven or so drinks.... because that's how many you're allowed in a week, you see. Week being the operative word though!

Dr Kelly told Eilish last night; "You are supposed to work hard every week. This week was an abomination and I was embarrassed for you and I was disgusted to see you, you let the programme down. You let your followers down and with respect Eilish, you let yourself down."

Ouch. Bit harsh, no?

Eilish had done all her research and was confident that she was staying within the weekly guidelines, but that wasn't enough for the Operation Transformation panel, which we kind of understand. Eilish was selected out of thousands to be a leader, the least she could so is knock the booze on the head for the six weeks.

On the other side of the coin though, she's entitled to have a bit of a fun, and she definitely seems like a lady that's full of craic. And she did still lose a pound this week.

Next time Eilish, just try to shake off that pesky camera crew!