There are many actors - both male and female - who have incredibly dubious-looking headshots from the earlier parts of their career.

Some of them began in modelling, which means said dubious-looking headshots are now full-bodied ones where the time and fashion speaks volumes and is a reminder that sequin jackets and shoulder pads were never a good look for anyone.

Case in point is Nicole Kidman, whom Graham Norton confronted with some snaps of her time modelling for now-defunct Australian fashion rag Dolly Magazine. Our guess is these snaps were taken in the early '80s, as Nicole Kidman was starring in the likes of A Country Practice in '83, so this must have been have around the same time.

Take a look.

Whatever about the hair, sure, that was the fashion and everyone had hair like that, but those boots just scream "WHAT ARE THOSE" over and over again.

Still, if you're an actor, you can't not have terrible modelling shots. Just ask Chris Pratt, like.