Not content with growing a beard that caused a fair bit of fuss, Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman decided to do one better last night. The generally poker faced host said farewell to his viewers in a rather creative manner, through the medium of errr, knuckle tattoo.

Jeremy was just paying tribute to his colleague David Dimbleby, apparently. The 75-year-old Question Time host revealed he'd had a scorpion tattooed on his right shoulder yesterday, and Jezza (with that beard still intact) just had to get in on the action, albeit with a fair bit of washable ink.

Now, the thing is, Newsnight has been doing this kind of stuff an awful lot lately. First there was Cookie Monster, then there was that Halloween incident, and now we've got Paxman proving 'e iz well 'ard innit'. We're not quite sure if Graham Norton-itis has been spreading about the building at the BBC or if this is some subliminal ploy by the folks at the errr, soap divison, to try and make us watch EastEnders more, to be honest.

You wouldn't have seen Pat Kenny pulling a stunt like that on Prime Time now, that's all we're saying...