The unbearable wait is almost over.

As we inch ever closer to the season six premiere of  'Game of Thrones', HBO continue to drip feed us more morsels of footage from the show.

Today's treat comes in the form of a short behind-the-scenes doc of all the work that the show has done in Spain for this season and gives us plenty of shots of Daenerys, Tyrion and company in various different climates as well as lots and lots of Dothraki played by some very enthusiastic Spanish extras.

The most interesting actor to be commenting on the fact that they shot in Spain is Isaac Hempstead Wright, AKA Bran Stark. Last time we saw him he was escaping ice skeletons in beyond The Wall, so what could be bringing him to warmer climates? Lots more visions of the past and future is our bet.

We just have to wait 10 more days to find out what exactly those visions entail.

Via YouTube