Actor Nathon Fillion, star of Castle, Firefly, Serenity, and pretty much a hero of geeks everywhere has done his bit to keep Game of Thrones fan happy in this recent video on Instagram.

(If you're not up to date on Game of Thrones, get the hell out of here because there's a spoiler below.)




Hodor fans everywhere had their little hearts broken in season six as we finally found out why Hodor was called Hodor, because, well, he was holding the door when he died and thanks to Bran's magical time travelling abilities, he was left a monosyllabic giant for the rest of his days.

Since then, the internet has had a field day with gifs and memes, and we doubt Kristian Nairn has been able to hold a door anywhere since - which is where Nathon Fillion comes in, the messer.

The video below was actually directed by Gotham and The OC star Ben McKenzie too, so you know, a high quality production... for all of ten seconds.

It's really all about Kristian's face at the end though.  


Starring @kristiannairn Directed by @mrbenmckenzie Written by @natefillion Cinematography by @mrbenmckenzie

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