If you quite simply can't wait for Downton Abbey Season 4 you're in for a treat this morning, because a bunch of musical theatre actors from across the Atlantic have only gone and made their very own spoof season opener.

Starring a number of acclaimed musical theatre stars, the 10-minute spoof rips the ultimate piss out of the show, and does it in style. From Dan Stevens' controversial exit, to Edith Crawley's torrid love life, there's no end of amusing gags about the show's past and future.

Between the jibes about infinitely more handsome actors with longer contracts to Sybil's reappearance as a spirit, there's something for every element of the Downton fandom, who we're sure will have quite the cackle watching this one. We do have one minor quibble with the spoof though: Branson's Irish accent is only shockin so it is.

Downton Abbey Season 4 hits TV screens later this year.