Whether you are a fan of Brendan O'Carroll's Mrs Brown or not, you can't deny her popularity. That's why her weighing in on the marriage referendum is actually quite a big deal, especially considering how well-liked she is amongst older generations.

The message from the 'mammy-in-chief' was filmed by director Lenny Abrahamson and also features her on screen son Rory (Rory Cowan) about which she says; "Nothing beats the joy and contentment I feel knowing that my son Rory has just as much opportunity for happiness as everybody else's son. And that's all I ask for him, the opportunity.”

Mrs Brown also carries on to point out there was once a time when Catholics couldn’t marry Protestants, a time when women were not allowed to vote.

"Every generation gets a chance to make a big change, and you're getting to get your chance on May 22nd."

G'wan the Mrs Brown!